Presented by Theatreworks Productions and The Agamemnon Collective


Venue: Factory Theatre Mainspace (125 Bathurst St)
Length: 75 minutes




Playwright: Nicolas Billon (after the play by Aeschylus)
Director: Sarah Kitz
Featuring: Nigel Shawn Williams, Brigit Wilson, Earl Pastko, Susanna Fournier, Ron Kennell, Amy Keating, Zita Nyarady, Marcel Stewart, Samantha Brown

Paulo & Daphne (2014)

Paulo is a cynical immigration lawyer with a reputation for helping pretty woman find their way into Canada. He is also in love with his long-time assistant Daphne. Daphne cannot reciprocate Paulo's love. In just 24 hours, their lives are changed forever with the appearance of the mysterious and beautiful Illyria who is desperately seeking Canadian citizenship.

Love, lust and fate collide at the World Premiere of Ned Dicken's Paulo and Daphne, inspired by Ovid's Metamorphoses.

Paulo and Daphne

Latest news

Playwright Nicolas Billon wins Governor General’s Literary Award for Drama

Today it was announced that playwright Nicolas Billon has won the Governor General’s Literary Award for Drama for his work Fault Lines: Greenland – Iceland – Faroe Islands, published by Coach House earlier this year. Congratulations Nicolas!! I am so excited for you and for the coming year! Iceland will be heading out on tour shortly and I wish Nicolas and the cast and crew all the best in their travels. I had the opportunity to see the show when it was first produced and was blown away by his writing, Ravi Jain’s direction and the cast: Christine Horne, Kawa

Playwright Nicolas Billon wins Governor General’s Literary Award for Drama

Agamemnon First Workshop

Yesterday we held our first workshop of Nicolas Billons’ bold new play Agamemnon. An adaptation of Aeshylus’ Agamemnon, it is a play about the human toll of war through the ages. The workshop was a four hour forum which included reading, discussing and questioning the script. A big thank you to Alan Dilworth, Nicolas Billon, David Fox, Allegra Fulton, Cyrus Lane, Keavy Lynch, Rose Napoli, Eric Morin, and Sochi Fried for your talent and input. We look forward to the next leg of the journey. Stay tuned for more info as we move forward developing this exciting new play.

Agamemnon First Workshop

Theatreworks presents the Condo Reading Series

Coming soon, Theatreworks Productions will launch an evening of tastings and listenings. Get in on the ground floor of theatre development in the city with a sampling of wines, beer and spirits from local vintners and breweries paired with an exciting new play.

Theatreworks presents the Condo Reading Series